Rolling down the line

Tony Bullard

Tony Bullard is a self-taught artist from Corinth, Mississippi.  He has been involved in drawing his entire life.


Tony does a variety of art including pencil drawings, pastel art, water color, and oil paintings.  He even does air brushing.  His main area of focus is oil paintings.  Besides art, Tony is also a professional sign painter with a background in both old-fashioned hand lettered signs as well as computer vinyl signs.  He is a self-taught computer graphic designer.

Since 2002, Tony has been devoted full time to 4 different areas: (1) a sign painter, (2) a graphic designer, (3) an artist continuously producing new art, and (4) marketing his artwork through prints.  He’s produced a large volume of oil paintings and drawings since 2002.  He has also written and illustrated a line of children’s books and is commissioned regularly to paint murals for businesses, cities and historic districts.

Tony is a believer in taking whatever talents God gives a person and using them to the fullest.  He constantly challenges himself to improve on what he’s already done in art.  He is constantly trying to find new topics to paint.

I put my focus on doing art that will uplift people and brighten their day.  If my art can make someone smile, it’s worth it to me”  ~Tony Bullard


Crusin’ Oil , 22×28, $1,500

Hometown USA, Oil, 12×16 $1,500

Leno, Oil, 18×24, $3,500

The Corinth Coliseum, Oil, 22×28, $3,000

The Perfect Escape, Oil, 16×20, $800

The General Lee, Oil, 18×24, $2,500

The Sound Heard Around the World, Oil, 22×28, $3,000

Tony painting a mural in downtown Nettelton, Mississippi.

Rolling Down the Line, Oil, 18×24, $2,500


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