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Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell did not discover his love for painting until late in life.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Mississippi State University and spent the next 31 years mainly in the manufacturing world as a software developer.  During his free time, Scott began dabbling in oils and started learning what he could from magazines, artist books and television shows.  Before long, he realized painting was what he was meant to do, and in 2016 made the decision to become a full time artist.  Scott spends most of his days on commissioned pieces – family portraits and family pets – but it is his non-commissioned work which is truly sought after because of the variety of subject matter he paints and his ability to bring each piece to life.  In 2020, Scott began working on a commissioned project for a production company painting screen shots for a series of movies as a fundraiser for the year long film project.

“I constantly push myself to the next level and strive towards painting more complex pieces while making sure they look natural.” – Scott Mitchell

Young Girl Praying, Oil (Master Study), 21×25, $475

Magnolias, Oil on Linen, 30×40, $300

He Cannot Stand Still when the Trumpet Sounds, Oil on Panel, 16×19, $150

Master Study of Degas’ Dancers in a Classroom, Oil, 10×20, $150

Pink Roses in Basket, Oil (Master Study) 22×26, $475

Texas Red (Film Screenshot) (Sold)

She was the Deputy’s Wife. (Film Screenshot) (Sold)

In The Zone, Oil, 24×30, $375

Carolyn’s Pugs, Oil, (Sold)

Battered But Dependable, Oil on Panel, 7×10, $150

Frosty Morn, Oil on Linen, 22×28, $425

Dialed In, Oil on Linen, 26×32, $425

I Will Fear No Evil, Oil, (Master Study), $400

Camo in Tenn Tom Backwaters, Oil on Linen, 30×40, $575

Room With A View, Oil on Linen, 16×20, $225

The Old West, Oil, 18×24, $300

Mason Jar with Plums, Oil on Linen, 11×14, $100

Mason Jar with Mum, Oil on Linen, 12×12, $100


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