Delta Cotton Church, Watercolors, 16x16, $650

Pam Locke

Pam Locke likes to paint the world around her – the people, places and things that generate memories of happy times.  She captures glimpses of time, many en plein air, later recreating them in watercolor imagery.  Pam is a self-taught water-colorist.  She has a strong graphic arts background which influences her painting style, exhibiting details of the moment in bright and vivid colors.  Pam is very active in local and regional art circles and her art is featured in a number of private collections throughout the state of Mississippi.  She has won multiple awards for her art, which can be found in the permanent collection of The Charleston Art and Revitalization Effort, Inc. (CARE) in Charleston, Mississippi, and at The Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Foundation in Tunica.


Mississippi Magnolia, Watercolor, 12×12, $300

Crop Duster #3, Watercolor, 15×30, $1,200

Spanish Moss, Watercolor, 14×20, $850

Delta Cotton Church, Watercolors, 16×16, $650

Cow, Watercolor, 12×12, $300


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