Giraffe, 8x10 Framed, Watercolor, $100

Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith lives in Jackson, Mississippi.  She is a graduate of Belhaven University.  Watercolors are her passion, and Melanie says her work is completely inspired by the beauty of God’s nature.

“If it touches my heart and soul, I want to capture it with a brush.” – Melanie Smith

Amazon Parrots, Watercolor, 11×14, $100

Giraffe, Watercolor, 8×10, $75

Frog on Flower, Watercolor, 8×10, $75

Rhino, Watercolor, 8×10, $75

Gorilla with Flower, Watercolor, 8×10, $75

Orangutan, Watecolor, 8×10, $75

Rhinos, Watercolor, 8×10, $75

Singing Bluebird, Watercolor, 8×10, $75


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