Steel salad bowl steel medium vase

Ken Kellum

Dr. Ken Kellum and his wife Linda live in Tupelo, Mississippi where the retired physician spends his days in his backyard pottery studio.  Kellum always had an admiration for pottery but didn’t try his hand at the wheel until he received a certificate for lessons from Linda as an anniversary gift.   He said his love as a potter began instantly, and it became his private passion.  He claims to be a potter only as a hobbyist, but Kellum is quickly becoming known for his work and his pieces are highly sought after in the Northeast corner of the state.  His large bowls and timeless colors are his trademark.   Kellum was featured in the September 2020 issue of “Invitation Magazine”.  He is also a member of the Mississippi Craftsman Guild.

Ken and Linda have one daughter and one son, Hannah and Caleb.

My pottery motto is if you mess up, nobody dies. – Ken Kellum owner of kk. pottery  

Ken Kellum in his Tupelo studio.