Hand Carved, Wooden Spoons and Kuksa Cups

Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson loves to whittle.  He began whittling as a form of stress relief and quiet contemplation.  His friends and family fell in love with his pastime creations and encouraged him to continue.  Soon his hobby became a career.  His home studio is where he spends most days carving spoons, knifes and Kuksa bowls.  The types of woods vary based on what nature provides and each piece is hand sanded and hand finished to create an individual piece.  No two creations are alike.

“When I pick up a piece of wood, I never know what it will become.  I am a work in progress, too, much like my creations.” – Jerry Robinson.

Jerry lives with his lovely wife Phyllis in the Carrollville Community in Baldwyn, Mississippi.  Phyllis is the happy owner of Paper Moon Clothing located right next door to The Alley Cat Gallery.

Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons and Kuksa Cups


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