Vivien, 20x23, Acrylic- Ink & Screen tone

Jason Jenkins

Jason Jenkins specializes in creating unique visual works based in the imaginative realms of retro science fiction, ancient far-away fantasy, dark dystopian futures and otherworldly Lovecraftian horror.  Proficient in various forms of media, Jason primarily focuses on creating works based on vintage sci-fi and pulp fiction that serve as timeless commentary on our political, social, and pop-cultural world both then and now.  Jason’s recent artistic contributions include: The Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Art Show at Designer Con in Anaheim, California and Dungeons & Dragons: The Auction of Many Things Art Show, also in California.   He was the illustrator for the short story, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”, published in Infinite Worlds Magazine in 2019.

Eartha, 20×23, Acrylic Ink & Screen tone

Vivien, 20×23, Acrylic- Ink & Screen tone

Rosanna, Acrylic/Ink & Screen Tone, 20×23, $750


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