Mississippi Church, Watercolor

David Rawlinson

David Rawlinson received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design from Memphis College of Art.  He worked as an Art Director for several advertising agencies in Memphis and Arkansas until he began his own graphic design company in Collierville, Tennessee.  For 30 years his company provided marketing and design services for various clients from agricultural chemical and seed companies, to the manufacturing and service industry.

“In the late 60’s, I lived with my mother in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  She was a portrait artist on Jackson Square.  I began painting while attending high school in New Orleans, and working in a frame shop after school.  As a result of spending time in the frame shop, I got to know many of the artists that lived in the French Quarter.  That early influence and that unique environment was a valuable asset to my career in art.”   – David Rawlinson

Davis is an avid fisherman and often incorporates that love into his art.  His art studio is in his lake cabin in North Mississippi.

Fly Study, Watercolor, 11×14, $85

Fly Study #AC117, Watercolor, 11×14, $85

Fly Study #AC112, Watercolor, 11×14 $85

Fly Study #AC111, Watercolor, 11×14, $85

Fly Study #AC115, Watercolor, 11×14, $85

Fly Study, #AC115

Sunflower, MS., Watercolor, 38×16, $575


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