Vines Covered, 12x24, Oil

Carol Roark

“I love the outdoors. I love light. I love color. When all of these elements come together, I can’t do anything but paint!” – Carol Roark

As an artist, Carol is fascinated by the relationship between light and color.  She is especially in awe at how one affects the other.  One will definitely see these elements reoccurring in her work, especially her outdoor themes of horses and Mississippi landscapes.   After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mississippi State, Carol studied extensively under Sammy Britt and focused on the techniques of Henry Hensche and the colorist movement.   Carol lives on a horse farm at the edge of the Mississippi Delta and says this makes the perfect backdrop for her en plein air paintings.     She hopes those who view her work, FEEL her work, whether it is a crisp autumn day or the late day sun reflecting off a horse’s back.  Carol aspires to transform the viewer to a time and place that she deems magical.

Carol was a featured guest artist on the HGTV show “Hometown” in early 2020.


Early Morning Light, Oil on Panel, 11×14, $500

Clearing From the South, Oil on Panel, 12×24, $875

Late Delta Fall, Oil on Linen, 12×12, $475

Vine Covered, Oil, 12×24, $875

Lotus Pond, Oil, 12×16, $575

Carol with HGTV’s “Hometown” Erin Napier.


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